TRIGGER DANCE is a creative space in which to train, and transform as a dancer, together in community with a supportive group of peers, through expert tutelage. We aim for a fun and challenging educational dance environment. TRIGGER DANCE experiences are targeted at a range of young dancers, and their teachers, in all dance environments from dance studios, tertiary training and high schools.

TRIGGER DANCE was founded in 2015 with a tertiary level workshop with students from Unitec, the University of Auckland, MIT and PIPA. This was repeated in 2017. In 2018 we held our inaugural pre-tertiary workshop with students from across Auckland. Riding on the success of these projects, we have committed to providing nationwide TRIGGER DANCE experiences throughout 2018 and beyond. 


TRIGGER DANCE focuses on training as a process to up skill, educate, and prepare young dancers with the necessary tools for current local and international contemporary dance and choreographic environments.

TRIGGER DANCE encourages curiosity, experimentation, and a deep engagement with technique, choreographic, and collaborative skills. We take a light hearted and friendly approach to rigorous and challenging dance training.

As a student/participant you will come away from a TRIGGER DANCE workshop with awesome new dance skills and an invigorated outlook on dance.


TRIGGER DANCE workshops offer unique opportunities for participants to transform their dance skills through experiencing Sarah Knox and Sarah Foster-Sproull’s extensive contemporary dance and choreographic training practices. Our work is applicable to studio based and NCEA study, as well as competition dance and performance work.

For teachers we offer new, tried and tested pedagogical and choreographic skills and practices for you to take back to your classrooms to transform your teaching and student outcomes.

TRIGGER DANCE is invested in offering advice to students on dancer development, future potential pathways into tertiary training, and local / international professional dance in performance and choreographic career pathways, as well as a range of other arts jobs.

Our aim is to assist in transforming participants through revolutionizing the way they: see themselves as a dancer, explore movement, and visualize their futures.


Creating ‘good vibes’ and a strong sense of community / friendship lies at the heart of what we do in TRIGGER DANCE. We believe that dancers thrive in a positive classroom environment that is equal parts challenging, fun, and supportive.

TRIGGER DANCE deeply values collaboration as a key 21st century skill. We encourage dancers' creative contributions and group cooperation within every possible opportunity.

We hope that by joining our workshop programmes, you will feel a part of a supportive dance community that enhances and supports your current training/practice. TRIGGER DANCE hopes for you to make new friends, learn new skills, and discover new things about yourself.